Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Craft Stamps - Good For More Than Scrapbooking

For those that are following my blog, I have just celebrated my fourth sale at FabricMuse. I know there are a lot of newbies, myself included, searching the web for ways to improve and/or promote their site, sales, and views; I'll continue blogging my progress. I am still following the steps given in my prior post "Using Social Media to Promote Your Website."

I spent the last few days reviewing and uploading stocked stamps to FabricMuse. Stampers will fall in love with Butterfly Script - a lovely combination of butterflies, script writing, and cutwork borders, and Blue Beech Leaves stamp. I can envision a handmade muslin bag using sepia/vintage brown color without any fill, and the addition of a few embellishments on the bag, complimenting the aged look. There are so many uses for these stamps - cards, post cards, crafting newsletters, art jounaling, scrapbooking, book covers, and many more. What would you do with these lovely stamps? 

Leave a comment. What would you do with these stamps?

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