Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Using Social Media to Promote Your Website

Using Social Media to Promote Your Website

Hi everyone and welcome to Fabric Muse.

My etsy store, FabricMuse, was birthed July 4, 2013. And, it has been an adventure learning about the items I sell, tracking market bearing prices, checking my stats daily, figuring out how to increase my shop views, what I needed to change, etc. And then it finally happened Thursday, August 27, 2013. I had my first sale a vintage turquoise embroidered pillowcase that was posted late the day before. Yahoo!

Excitement oozed. I created a discount for my first customer (we want to encourage repeat business), useable through the end of the year. I created a packing slip, packaged my product, took it to the post office, and mailed it off. I came back home, went online and marked my product as shipped. It was exciting. And now, we are off to the races -  Repeat the same processes again and again looking for the same outcome, a sold order.

Two weeks ago, I joined the a state based etsy team which sends daily emails to all team members of links for new posted listings. All I have to do is add the link to a specified etsy site. They also have a pinterest page for individual team member postings. I also post to my own personal pinterest board for my shop. Since doing so, I noticed my site views and listing views increased dramatically.

I have researched and read many pros and cons about using social media and decided to give it a try. Late last week I setup a facebook page that’s linked off my personal facebook. I have also started posting to Twitter and Tumblr. Every time I add a product I post to pinterest, facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. It’s hard to say where this sale came from. But, I look at my stats several times a day. Since making these changes, my stats have gone up. And . . . today, I have a sold order. 

I posted that turquoise pillowcase late yesterday. It sold within a twelve hour period. Social media does take time to post. But, from my stats, I’d say it’s time well spent.